Frequently asked questions

We offer patients an independent second opinion by experienced doctors in Switzerland. is run by Aware Plus GmbH. We are a young company based in Zurich and convinced that health services are meant to be reliable, simple and cost-effective.

By second opinion we mean an additional medical evaluation provided by a second doctor. Our goal is to ease getting a second opinions and to support patients during the decision making. A second opinion does not replace the personal contact with the doctor but complements it.
A second opinion is advised to patients having concerns about a diagnosis or a therapy that was recommended to them. Also patients who wish to be informed more comprehensively about their current situation and their options should consider to consult another doctor. In principle, a second opinion can be considered useful before any planned surgery to eliminate possible uncertainty. As a consequence patients as well as the attending doctor will benefit.
We are independent because the patient is our primary focus. All doctors on our platform are independent and are subject to medical confidentiality. We work with insurances solely for reimbursement of costs.

We offer a reliable second opinion provided by independent and experienced doctors.

You receive your second opinion within 10 days.

Avoid unnecessary travel.

Check online whether your insurance company covers the expenses.

Security is guaranteed.

Various insurances cover the costs of a second opinion already. With us you can check online whether your insurance company covers the expenses.

An online second opinion costs 450 CHF. The costs consist of the medical fees and a fee of the platform.

An optional consultation on-site with the doctor will be charged according to the Tarmed.

Various insurances cover the costs of a second opinion already. With us you can check online whether costs will be covered.
We collaborate exclusively with acknowledged and independent doctors. They have many years of experience and a high acceptance within their medical field.
To protect your data from unauthorized access we use SSL for data encryption. Moreover we offer code based log-in by text message. See Privacy Policy.

Only doctors handling your case can access your data. All doctors are subject to medical confidentiality. We process data only for quality of service and for administrative purposes. See Privacy Policy.

If your insurance company covers your costs we send your name, date of birth and insurance policy number. Further personal health data is not sent to the insurance company. Your personal data will not be sent to third parties.

An online second opinion is done within 10 workdays. It will be available for download online. The two weeks start when the doctor confirms he has received all documents.

We offer second opinions. A second opinion is an additional medical evaluation by a second doctor.

We do not offer medical expertises (Gutachten). A medical expertise is a statement of an expert who answers questions from an insurance point of view.

Important documents are findings of the first doctor, current MRT scans, radiography including findings as well as additional pictures. Documents should not be older than 6 months.
You have the right to receive your medical records. You can request copies from your doctor at all times.
After log-in, you can upload your documents via the online platform in your personal space.
Just send us your documents by mail. We convert your documents (findings, x-rays, CT scans) to a digital form and submit them to the second opinion doctor. We return your documents after completion of the second opinion.
You are welcome to send your documents by mail to us. This also applies to x-rays that are not available in digital form. All images and findings you send by mail will be returned to you after completion of the second opinion.

You can hand in missing documents later. We will contact you if documents are missing.

If a second opinion cannot be made online the doctor will offer you a consultation on-site. In this case our doctors strive to make an appointment with you as quickly as possible.

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